NEW Free Songs “Dream Catcher”

I wrote and recorded these songs in a frenzy of creative storm and decided to give the mp3’s away to my supporters as a way of saying thank you. For now, there are 4, and because they were all inspired by dreams I’ve had, I’ve titled the project “Dream Catcher”. There are a few more songs that I hope to add in the coming weeks, but these are the early birds in the collection. :) I hope you enjoy them. <3 Sara

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Philadelphia SingleI didn’t grow up in Philly. In fact, I didn’t move here until I was 24. At first, I had a difficult time finding my own path here. It was difficult making new friends and even the simple things like finding my way around on unfamiliar streets was a challenge. But over time, I’ve learned my way around the city, and also learned to love her for what she is. “Philadelphia” was recorded at Hopetown Sound, a recording studio located in New Hope, PA and commandeered by the aptly skilled producer Pier Giacalone. Terrance Gaines performed the drums and bass on the track, which give it a very groovy “South Philly” vibe that we wanted for the song.

“Lovesong” by The Cure – Free Song Download

Sara Tiemogo Lovesong Free DownloadThis is also on Soundcloud for free downloading, but people have told me that they have to sign up for a soundcloud account to get the mp3. So here it is for free without any frufru.

I am thrilled with how the finished product of this recording turned out. I was listening to this song one evening as performed by “Adele” and decided to record it in my own office. I recorded the guitar, string tracks and vocals myself in an evening. I’m particularly happy about the improvised violin parts and feel that I was in the “right place” mentally while improvising this song.

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Since my group hit 300 members, I’m giving away the CD “Red” for free. You’ll still have to pay shipping, because I’m too poor to cover that, but I’ll send the CD for free. If you want it autographed, please indicate that in the notes through Paypal. Enjoy! 

Update: Paypal would not let me make the price “$0″ so it’s now a penny. To be completely fair…because I am not a penny thief, I took the penny off from the shipping cost.

 Twelve tracks of Sara’s favorite original songs fully mixed, mastered and produced by Grammy-Nominated James Cravero. Terrance Gaines adds his upbeat R&B and Pop-inspired percussion to the heartfelt lyrics and piano riffs, giving the listener something that Sara calls Retro-Pop: A blending of the best qualities of old and new music to create something that is both fresh and timeless.

1.Red 2.Keep Walking Away 3.Goodbye Baby 4.Cinnamon Gum 5.I Don’t Even Know Your Name 6.Through You 7.Beating Heart 8.Broken Again 9.My Turn 10.I’m Not Sorry 11.Drive 12.The Phantom 

Red CD 2011 by stiemogo

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