What’s In A Name?


It isn’t often that a performer is placed in the odd position of “choosing a name”, but I found myself in just that situation this winter. (Dec 2010) After having been in bands where the band name fronted me, going solo made me think about my name “Sara Tiemogo” and how it might pose a problem. First, “Tiemogo” is difficult for most people to pronounce from only seeing it. (The pronunciation is Tee-uh-mo-go) Secondly, who would remember the name “Tiemogo” anyway? If someone out there actually heard my music and liked it, I want them to be able to find me without too much trouble.

For a few days, I liked the idea of calling myself by my first and middle name “Sara Marie”, as if my middle name “Marie” was my last name. I did a few searches in google, iTunes and myspace and didn’t find too many musicians with that name. I also felt the name was easy to spell, find, and was in some way my own since it was my legal middle name. After a few days of thinking this was a great idea and changing all of my promo materials on my hard drive, I changed my mind.

I asked Jim, the engineer/producer working on my upcoming cd release, and he suggested calling myself “Sara Sara”…just using my first name twice. :P No thanks.

So, I’m at the point now that I’ve decided to be myself. I am Sara Tiemogo, even if it’s difficult to say, spell, remember, or find. It’s me though. And it’s nice to be real.

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