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Little FeetLittle HandsMy little angel – Zoey Lynn Tiemogo – was born on Feb 10th at 5:07pm. It took me a few days to get things together enough to have time to get online and post anything to the website. During the past 2 weeks of being a new parent, here is what I have learned:

1. Huggies diapers are 100 times better than Pampers. They have a wetness indicator that actually works. They have a notch cut out for the umbilical cord. The little latches on the sides are made of a velcro-like material so that they can be unlatched and then re-latched easily. They cost the same at WalMart.

2. Avent bottles (the expensive top-rated bottle) are horrible. They leak. Some babies have a hard time drinking with their nipples and have milk spilling out the corners of the mouth – like my baby.

3. Formula is really expensive. I’m eping (exclusively pumping and feeding my breastmilk in bottles) and supplementing with formula where needed. Formula is $25 for a big cannister…which really isn’t all that big by the end of the week…

4. Newborn mittens are always too big. The Gerber newborn mittens are so big that they just fall off of my baby’s hands. By the time her wrists are big enough for her to wear them, she won’t need them anymore. This is the case with all of the mittens I’ve seen in the stores, unfortunately.

5. Breastfeeding sucks. Unless you have nipples of steel, it’s going to hurt for the first 2 weeks, no matter how well your little one latches on.

2 thoughts on “New Mom Basics”

  1. Good to know! Glad at least via email and Internet I get to watch Zoey grow and hear all your interesting comments! :)

  2. Thanks for reading my post, Janet! :) I’m not uploading many pictures of the princess since this is a public site. Her father doesn’t want her picture on the internet too much. my smug on the other hand… :P

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