Boston Market Swedish Meatballs Review


In my quest to find easy-to-fix dinners, I came across this box in the frozen foods section at Giant (our local supermarket food store.) I figured since it was from a reputable restaurant, it might be good. I throw the term “reputable” around like the government hands out welfare checks …frequently and with little concern for validity. OK, so Boston Market is an actual restaurant. I’ve driven past it a few times. I’ve never stopped to eat there, but I am 100% sure it exists. So, based on this existence of a physical property where you can get food, I assumed that this boxed meal might be good. I even bought TWO boxes since I planned to make it as a dinner and hoped for leftovers.

The first indicator that this meal might not be the best choice was the color. The sauce is a strange orange color. I’ve made Swedish Meatballs before (from scratch) and there is nothing in the ingredients that would make the color orange. The sauce should be a pale white color from the sour cream or heavy cream, whichever you choose to use. So…orange colored sauce…erm, ok.  After checking the expiration date to see that it was OK, and reading other reviews that raved about this product’s value for the low cost, I resumed preparation. Heat in microwave, stir, heat again, let it sit a few minutes. Easy.

The second indicator that this product was not good…the smell. I can only describe this smell as “dog-foody”. It was readily apparent that there was no actual cream in this meal…heavy cream, sour cream, or otherwise. It was some sort of chemical that was made to have the “sharpness” of a sour cream. However, someone at the chemical plant was having an off day when they invented this concoction, which falls somewhere between the smell of dog food and hairspray.

It looked like a wholesome meal on the box….this is what it really looked like after the heat-and-stir…

Boston Market Swedish Meatballs

I hadn’t noticed before I purchased this that the serving size has 1290 mg of sodium…more than 50% of the daily value. So, eat this meal if you want to retain a lot of water or raise your blood pressure. Luckily, it was only about $3.50 a box, but since it was almost completely inedible, I won’t be buying it again. And my previous curiosity of “maybe I’ll stop at the Boston Market one of these days and check it out” has been thoroughly banished from thought.

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