Loreal Feria Haircolor Review – Extra Bleach Blonde


OK, So I’ve had this box of hair color (or rather, bleach) sitting in my bathroom for a week now and finally got the chance to try it last night. CVS did not carry my usual blonde color, which seems to be a shade “cooler” than this particular box. But with a name like “EXTRA Bleach Blonde”, how could I go wrong, right?

The color I usually use is a Loreal Preference color…a blonde one. I never remember the number, just the picture on the box. This one is #205, but I probably won’t remember that the next time I go to buy  color for my hair.


The first difference I notice between the Loreal Feria bleach blonding and the Loreal Preference (besides the blonde chick on the front of the box) is that the Feria came with two packets of powder that I was to mix into the applicator bottle. There was ALSO a little bottle of some kind of oil that I was to mix in after the two powder packets. The applicator bottle of “creme”, or whatever they call it, is much larger in the Feria.

I cut the first packet along the dotted line only to find that it creates a hole in the packet that is much too big for the hole in the applicator bottle. I ended up taking a long time trying to shake all of the powder from the packet into the applicator bottle and still managed to spill some of it all over the bathroom sink. I tried cutting a second (smaller) hole on the other corner, but this didn’t help much either.  Luckily, I had those handy-dandy gloves on that come in the box, so I managed to brush what was spilled to the edge of the counter into my hand and then carefully dump it into the applicator bottle. They are not kidding about that warning regarding the powder becoming airborne being a breathing issue…it burns big time. With the second packet of powder I did NOT cut along the dotted line.  I cut just above the line, making the opening significantly smaller, and that packet was much easier to pour into the bottle.



The instructions say to add the two packets of powder, put the cap back onto the applicator bottle, and shake until mixed. Then, you add the container of oil, and shake again to mix. My problem was that I evidently shook the bottle for too long to mix in the two packets of powder. By the time I took the cap off of the applicator, the mixture had begun to expand and “foam”. This wasn’t so bad, except that there was no longer enough room for all of the oil to go in. I tried to pour in the oil, hoping that it would make the expanding foam “de-foam”, but with no luck. This just made it overflow. I ended up dumping some of the mixture out so that I could add the oil. At this point, what is supposed to be a relaxing beauty treatment has turned into what seems like a failed chemistry project.

Finally, all of the chemical components mixed together and smelling like it will burn the hair right off of my head…I apply it to my roots and to some of the lengths of my hair. Here is the before picture of my dark roots – – keep in mind I haven’t washed my hair for a few days in this picture. (I have a newborn in the house…self-care has become less frequent.)

Before dyeing with Loreal Feria Bleach Blonde


Dyeing with Loreal Feria Bleach Blonde


After Loreal Feria Bleach Blonde

This picture is incredibly generous to the “after” results of this product. Did it lighten? Yes. Did my hair look like the chick on the box? No. The resulting color was much more “warm” and brassy/yellowy than what I had anticipated, and what the hair sample and box color made me believe it would turn out. It may look better in a few days after it has had time to “set” and my roots show just a little. It does look a bit strange to have no root at all near the base of the hair shaft. Since this was one of the more expensive hair color boxes out there ($9.99 at CVS), I was expecting it to give me results that were a bit closer to the box color, especially since my hair is naturally blonde, just darker at the roots when it first grows in.

Here’s a picture of my hair before I had ever dyed it:


Sara Tiemogo (Sara Chappell) never-dyed blonde hair, 2000

Regretfully, I will not be buying any Feria products again, and will return to my “Loreal Preference” haircolor, which gives better results, requires less work, and is $3 cheaper.

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