Beautilicious Bath Bubbles Review

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Yes, I do realize this website is supposed to be about music…but has become my catch-all for whatever I feel like sharing with the world. Today, it’s another product review.

I found this bottle of “Beautilicious Sugar Coated Candy Apple Bath Bubbles” at a ROSS store for $1.99. There was a foil seal over the top of the bottle, so I was unable to do a smell-test before purchasing, but the description of the scent sounded good…and the cartoon 50’s pinup-style girl on the front had an heir of honesty about her. She looks like such a nice girl, right? How could this product not be anything less than wonderful?

Actually, it’s not a bad bubble bath. It doesn’t yield a lot of bubbles…even with a significant amount of it added to the running water. The liquid is a pretty pink. The smell really reminds me of cough medicine. The flavor could have easily been “Candy coated Robitussin” and I would have rated the scent as being exactly that.

So, it’s not amazing. But the cute pink bottle sure looks nice sitting on the side of my tub. And I didn’t have any adverse skin reactions to it.

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