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I don’t always do a “review” for the Top 40 chart, although I occasionally check the list for songs that I might like to cover. This keeps my covers list fresh and new and also keeps me aware of what other recording artists are producing. After listening to this week’s “interesting looking” Top 40 songs, I felt the urge to create a blog post on it…

I didn’t do a listen to every song, because not every song looked like one I would want to cover, so it is usually the female artist’s songs that I end up listening to. Besides, who has the time to listen to all 40 songs? :P

I noticed right away that many of the artists’ songs had very sexual lyrics. And the sexual-lyric topic of 2011 is not the romanticized “I’m in Love” type of sex that we were singing about back in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. The new sex topics in songs are kinky sex, orgies, I’m-a-sex-freak type lyrics, and the I’m-a-cheater-but-proud-of-it lyrics. And here I thought that my own vague references to relationships and sex in my song’s lyrics were too revealing. Ha!

I listened to part of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and immediately caught the strangely demonic/satanic undertones. The first thing I noticed was that in the image they used for the song, Lady Gaga has little points coming out of her back and head…much like Satan’s horns and wing-like points in the back. The music video tells a story about the birth of evil and then seems to reference a part of the Bible in Revelations about a whore giving birth. (Pardon the language, I’m pretty sure the Bible uses this exact word.) If that wasn’t enough strangeness, she then goes on to say, “It doesn’t matter if you love him or capital H-I-M.” OK, that one was obvious. When the word “him” is capitalized, it means God. That we all know. There’s also the huge reference to gay pride, which I think is a good thing. And she obviously is supporting the “born gay” theory with this song. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, google the lyrics. Nothing wrong with the gay pride aim either…but there’s something strange about the way it comes across. It could be art, it could be satanic reference in order to get a reaction – and if so, it worked. Congrats Gaga! You’ve shocked us again with how far you will go for fame…and then pretend to hate the “fame monster”. I’m not a hater…didn’t the Bible say something about love the sinner, hate the sin? :) Love the artist…hate the art. *grin* This could be easily compared to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in which he acted as an undead zombie monster in the video. Just art, nothing to get ruffled over.  Despite her recently evil creation of Born This Way, I still enjoy many of the other songs she has recorded. Either way…I won’t be covering this song.

E.T. featuring Katy Perry…also a strange sex song. This song’s lyrics talk about sex with an alien. OR…it could be using a metaphor to say that the guy is so “out-of-this-world” that he is like an extraterrestrial. That said, the song has a unique melody and a catchy chorus. It also musically references the techno-aliens of the old 60’s movies with it’s strong autotune and skipping robotic sound. Clever.  I’ll just ignore the line “Could you be the devil”instead of going the whole “satanic” route again. . .another un-coverable song about weird sex…with aliens.

Tonight by Enrique Inglesias…The song lyrics mention “You know my motivation given my reputation”. The rest of the song sounds like a sex song, but doesn’t seem to reference anything really strange…until you pull up the video. In the music video, Enrique meets several different women in dirty underground clubs and in fancy upscale spa resorts (because that is the life of a superstar….dirty underground strip clubs and upscale resorts…juxtaposed within the same weekend adventure…(eye roll). He has sex with each one, presumably without even knowing their names. Sort of like the Axe body spray commercials. So far, that’s pretty typical for a music video. Then, the video starts showing Enrique with all of his women hanging out together. In the final scenes of the video, they are all having an orgy in his posh resort hotel room. Uncoverable song. Nice melody, simple chord structure, memorable chorus.

Rolling in the Deep by Adele…Once again, Adele has made a greatly touching song about real life experience- heartbreak. She also has a song called Someone Like You that is at the top of the charts as well. Beautiful. Rolling in the Deep is a song about being stronger after the turmoil ends, where Someone Like You leaves me with a sense of “shattered pride” and a deep sadness that is being revealed to the listener. While the two songs are both about heartbreak, they have opposite perspectives. This is great! This is exactly what my CD is based on – – love from different angles. I’ve found not one, but TWO songs that I can cover! Yay!

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