Suave Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Since when did shampoo and conditioner get so expensive? I don’t mean to sound like a cheapskate, but I remember the days when the “really awesome” designer shampoos were about $10, “pretty good” shampoos were about $3, and “I smell good but don’t do much for you” shampoos were 79 cents. (Where is the cent sign on my computer?? You know, the sign that looks like a C with a line through it…Is nothing less than a dollar anymore?) I digress…it seems now that “really awesome” shampoos can cost around $30, and the cheap ones have gone up the ladder to the $2 and $3 ranges. Maybe because nobody can find the cent sign on their computers anymore…they have to make them cost more. I’m sure that’s not the reason, but it’s an interesting theory.

I bought Suave Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner from Target for about $3 each. Maybe they were $2.50. I’m not really sure. I looked at so many different shampoo options while I was there that I can’t remember the price of what I actually bought. But I’m sure it didn’t use the cent sign…

I tried out the duo in the shower tonight and….amazing! I was able to comb through my badly damaged hair without any problem! Why is my hair badly damaged, you may ask? Because I’m addicted to straight ironing it. I’m a straight iron addict. Since I’ve gotten past the stage of denial now, I am on the road to recovery. Well…maybe.

With this “Sleek” new shampoo and conditioner, I may not need to use the straightener on my hair as much. Sadly, when you have fried your hair to a crisp, it looks better if you keep frying it straight. Otherwise, your hair is dry, damaged, frizzled AND waving all over the place. At least by straightening it, the hair appears to be a little less out of control. And so, it’s a vicious cycle.

Ah yes, I’m supposed to be writing about this fantastic shampoo and conditioner. Well, it’s really good. It smells nice and clean – not too fruity or flowery. The smell is more on the “fresh” side. I would call it “soapy” smelling, but that sounds like a bad thing. And it’s not a bad smell. Tons of aroma doesn’t emanate from my hair after it’s dry, but that’s ok. My deodorant is scented. My laundry detergent is scented. My perfume is obviously scented. My lip gloss….you get the idea. I’m just one walking scent-bomb. As long as the shampoo doesn’t smell bad it’s not an issue.

So, my review….it’s good stuff for straight-haired people struggling with tangles. And under $3. Yay!

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