How To Get Ready For An Important Photo Shoot

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Tomorrow I’ll be getting some new pictures taken by Michelle LeBrake, the wonderful photographer that shot the cover image for my album “Red”. Here are some of my tips for getting camera-ready! Enjoy!


1. Cut your hair. Because you’ll be spending money on your clothes and the photographer, you should just cut your hair yourself! Now is the time to try out a new hairstyle that you’ve never worn before. Curious about how a pixie cut will look on you? Go for it! This is also a great time to experiment with hair colors that you’ve never tried before and have no idea how they will look on you.

2. Treat your face. Try some facial treatments that you’ve never used before. The stranger the ingredients, the better they will probably work! Steer toward things that have sugar in them. Your skin loves to have sugar on it. And sugar kills bacteria, right? Don’t worry if it burns a little. That just means it’s working┬áto make you gorgeous!!!!


3. Begin Tanning. Nobody wants to look pale in their pictures. So start tanning now! You will probably want to tan for the maximum amount of time possible, especially if you begin tanning only 2 days before your pictures are to be taken.

4. Treat any breakouts. If you get a pimple from any of your facial treatments, you should attack it with full force. Using the internet as our dermatologist, you could try one of the gentle treatments that random internet users have suggested. A quick Google of “how to get rid of a pimple in 1 day” will yield many different curing options! Since picture day is uber important to you, I would suggest using all of them.

5. Curl your lashes. On picture day, you want your lashes to look their best, so why not try out an electric eyelash curler for the first time!? Your eyes will really “pop” !

You are going to be your very best version of you! Enjoy!

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