How to Prepare for a Hurricane

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Tonight a hurricane is supposed to blow through the Philadelphia area. ¬†While I’ve read several stupid helpful lists on how to prepare for this, I’ve noticed some things are missing. I won’t re-write all of the tips about emergency kits and such in this list. Also, this is written for those of us that aren’t near the shore, don’t live in a valley, and don’t expect to need to evacuate our homes. I expect to possibly lose electricity, our basement will take on some water (as it does during heavy rains), and our huge old trees might fall down crushing our home and killing us all.

Without further ado…

1. Take a shower. You want to look fabulous when the CNN helicopter rescues you from the rooftop. Seriously though, (as proven by Mythbusters) you shouldn’t shower during a storm…so might as well shower before.

2. Turn off your computer. If you’re like me, you leave your computer on 24/7. I know this is bad for my computer, but I’m in a perpetual state of “I’ll get back to that”. ¬†Sudden power supply loss can really mess up some computers…so might as well shut down, just this once.

3. Park your car where nothing can fall on it. Under an old dying tree is probably not the best place.

4. Pay your cellphone bill if you haven’t. Verizon will not care if it’s a national disaster. They will turn off your phone.

5. Charge up your laptop. You’ll need this when the power goes out so that you can continue surfing YouTube, Google, and my website, of course.

6. Charge up your cellphone. If you have a smartphone addiction, you may actually die if you’re without it for any length of time. In the case of a power outage, your smartphone will replace about 10 of the other items in most emergency kits. (list of emergency numbers, flashlight, camera, weather radio, survival recipes, and food. Ok, not food.)

7. Move the cat’s litter box. If your cat won’t walk through a few inches of water to get to the litter box (like mine) it could be a bad situation upstairs. Also, if you take on enough water to spill out the litter box contents downstairs….it’s going to be a horrible.

8. Wash your favorite clothes. If you have to go through an extended time without power or those rescue helicopters really do show up, you’ll be happy to at least be wearing your favorite pair of underwear. Make sure no clothes are left in the washer by the time the power goes out. Otherwise they will forever smell like mildew.

9. Find out if your place of employment will be expecting you. Prepare your stories of why you couldn’t make it to work during the hurricane. Remember to call in if you really aren’t able to make it.

10. Go shopping. It’s possible that your local stores will close – even if there isn’t flooding and mayhem. So get your Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s fix taken care of now. But seriously, go get plenty of diapers, wipes, milk, and those little Elmo juice boxes if you have a little one.

11. When you bring potted plants and things in from the front porch, shake them off a much as possible. (bugs)

Hunker down and enjoy your day off from work! Yay!


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