Toddler Discipline

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Oh how I hate the title of this post. Obviously it’s not about music, as this website was SUPPOSED to be about. Today I (tried) to take Zoey with me to the thrift store. We ended up only being there for about 10 minutes before a major toddler meltdown, leading me to google “toddler discipline” when we returned home and to stew quietly about not getting to peruse the isles of junk stuff. My disciplinary action was, “If you don’t sit down in the cart, we are going to leave right now.” And because I am a mom of my word, we did. I called MY mom afterward, and she pointed out that I rewarded Zoey and punished myself. She’s right.

After reading about several different discipline ‘programs’ and ‘plans’, I really think that each child is different. And for each child there will be a “best” approach. Now the secret is finding the best approach for MY little heathen angel.

To spank? Not to spank? Time outs? 1-2-3 magic? Too many choices.

At Linvilla Orchards last week, I ended up picking up a whole organic pecan pie off of the floor with my fingers to pay for it and throw it away. “Please stop running” and “Here, please help mommy with the okra” and “NOOOOO! Don’t touch that PIE!” are lost on toddler ears. Even after the pie and the Me: “Please tell me you are sorry.”  Her: “Sorry!!” (big smile) …there was a huge tantrum because she had to return to sitting in the cart. We fed animals, played on the playground, and threw away a pie. It was a great day, sort of.

I’m coming to the conclusion that there are some things that just can’t be enjoyed with a toddler. When I was invited to have dinner and cocktails at Winnie’s Lebus earlier this week with the moms, I knew not to bring my 2 year old. The girls brought their babies, who were pleasantly confined in car seats and occasionally held, but a 2 year old would simply not be able to resist running around and touching everything, exploring the building and ignoring her mother,…at least mine wouldn’t. So, I didn’t bring her. Wise choice.

But today, all of my wisdom was for naught, and I brought my 2 year old into a thrift store, of all places, hoping that she could contain herself and be content to play with things I gave her from her seat in the cart. I was wrong.

I’m just babbling on endlessly…..rambling on and on and on…  My point is that I’m not bringing my kid with me to the thrift store again until she is old enough to not break things, which may be never, we’ll see.  I’m 3exhausted at trying to find discipline ideas for out-of-the-house use, so the easiest solution would be to remove the opportunity.



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