Is Pandora Killing the Independent Artist?

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This post is going to be a short and choppy one, but I couldn’t help but write a new post. Right now I am on Christmas vacation at my lovely mothers home. The best part about this is the mashed potatoes and noodles. I digress… This post is about the new music service Pandora. I suppose it is also about the service called Spotify, as it’s basically does the same thing. basically, this is about all businesses that offer streaming for a flat rate.
If you’ve never heard of this sort of thing, Pandora (or Spotify) offers an unlimited number of streamed songs for one flat rate. I think you can get a month for $9.99. They also offer a lower level as a free trial. It’s a pretty cool app for people that like to listen to a lot of music. You can listen to any song that you want from their database, and they have managed to acquire almost every song that a person could possibly want. There is also an option to show you songs that sounds like your favorite songs, so that you can discover new music that sounds similar to things you already like. It sounds like a great thing.
But is it a great thing for musicians?
Did manage for musicians is that people may find your music based upon other music that they like, and new fans can be acquired. It’s also nice to get paid just for being streamed once by a listener. YouTube doesn’t pay me her place of my video, but Pandora and Spotify do.
The flipside of that is the low payment per play. I often get paid one penny, half a penny, or two pennies for a play. This may sound like a good thing, but someone has to play my song 100 times before I get a dollar. It seems incredibly democratic to pay each person based upon how many times they are played, but I have heard stories of songs being played hundreds of millions of times, and the payoff being less than $100. This may seem fair, but this is hardly enough money to record a single in a professional studio. Taylor Swift chose not to put her new album on Spotify, and has the stirred up a lots of controversy about whether Spotify is a good or bad company.
There are pros and cons involved with this payment scenario for musicians. As of right now, I’m really not sure how I feel about it. I’m also not sure if I will opt in for page streaming sites when I release my next album.

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