Passionate Relationships with Songs

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I think my relationships with songs are very much like relationships with lovers. When we first meet (or I first write the song), I have to get to know the song a little bit, to decide if I like it or not. Once I bump into the song a few times (play it), then I start to grow fond. Then, something sparkly and unexplainable happens and I fall head over heels in love. All day long I think about that song and all the things I would like to DO with it…til the moment I sit down at the piano or grab a guitar and the song and I are passionately reunited.

The beginning of the relationship is fun and exciting! I think this song is “the one” for me 4Ever! I spend a lot of time with it, and reveal all of it’s hidden secrets and intimacies hidden within it’s lyrics and scattered pitches. Maybe I change the song a little. That happens sometimes in relationships. And sometimes, the song changes me a little.

After a while though, *sigh* the song begins to grow too familiar and loses it’s sparkle. It’s almost like we begin to grow bored with each other. When I start playing your delicate pitches on the piano and crooning your notes and lyrics, it all feels too familiar, like there are no more crescendos, decrescendos, or vocal riffs to be discovered in you. Sometimes I try too hard to discover something new in you, and it ends badly. Eventually, it gets to the point where I see you on my set list at a show and think, “Oh… again.”

At that point, we (the song and I) usually decide to go our own ways and I go out in search of new material while the song disappears from my life. Sometimes for weeks…..Sometimes for years.

Then…..weeks, months, or years later….I happen to stumble on the song again. One of two things happens. Sometimes, my eyes glitter over and I think excitedly, “I remember YOUUUU!!!” I play the song, feeling the rush that I felt when we first “met” and it is a wonderful feeling to be reunited. We embrace with overwhelming passion and that familiar feeling draws us together again for a while.

But sometimes when I stumble upon a song again, I think, “Gawd, what did I ever see in YOU???”

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