What To Eat When You Have To Sing

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A while back, a friend of mine was having some vocal problems because of health related issues. The topic of what to eat when one has to sing came up. since then, I have been thinking more about this common question.
I could easily have titled this post, “what not to eat when you have to sing”. The list of things to not eat when one has to sing is short, but encompasses a wide range of foods for some.

1. Don’t eat foods that cause excessive mucus. (for many people this includes dairy products like milk. Some people have sinus reactions to garlic and onions and spicy food.)
2. Don’t eat foods that you have sensitivities too. (onions, chocolate, and cheeses tend to give me headaches.)
3. Don’t eat foods that dehydrate your vocal chords. (caffeine, and overly salty foods sometimes do this.)
4. Don’t eat foods that will make you burp. (sodas, and many vegetables)
5. Don’t eat foods that give you gas.
6. don’t drink so much that you will have to P during your performance.

Sounds pretty limiting, doesn’t it? Even though I graduated as a voice student, the subject of what to eat on performance days rarely comes up. I feel like it is probably different for each person. It’s also different for each performance.

For example, maybe you have some Idell songs to sing, and spicy food will help to swell up your vocal cords enough to get all those low notes and provide the roughness to your voice that you need. Or maybe you are singing really high opera, and a little caffeine might help to tighten things up for the high notes.

As for me, lemon and honey have never been necessary unless I was sick. And my perfect food of choice for singing days… Eggs. Some people claim that eggs make them gassy, but I’ve never had this problem with eggs, and for me they are a very neutral food with enough proteins to keep me from getting hungry, but without any of the negative effects of other foods.
Know your voice. Know your body. And know your music.

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