Free Download of Cover song “Body and Soul” for One Take Wednesday

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Here’s the new song for Wednesday. I had an awesome time going out for dinner and a drink with my friend Jenna, so technically I didn’t record this until after midnight, so maybe it’s Thursday. But I go by the weird rule that if it’s before bed then it’s still not “tomorrow” yet. For example, if I were texting a friend tonight about something we were doing in the morning (like after the sun rises, not now) then I would still say “tomorrow”. I wouldn’t ever say “Hey, where are we meeting later TODAY?” ┬ánope. It’s strange. ….So this still counts as my recording for One-Take-Wednesday.

Something hilarious and adorable happened while we were at the diner tonight. We were talking about music, because Jenna is also a singer/songwriter/guitarist/bellydancer and I mentioned that I’m doing this “One Take Wednesday” thing. She asked what I was going to record and I told her “I was thinking Body and Soul”. Then, she sings “doot doot doo…” (to the tune of HEART and SOUL) For those that don’t know, it’s the tune that everyone plays on piano…even people that don’t know any other songs. I nearly died laughing. It was hilarious and endearing. I told her it was BODY and Soul instead of Heart and Soul and we both had a good chuckle. Musicians jokes are so intellectually superior to other jokes. ;) Kinda.


And you can listen without downloading here:

Body And Soul – Cover by Sara Tiemogo

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