I Hate WalMart – Part 4

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You would think after so many bad experiences with WalMart, I would stay away, right? But much like a bad romance that keeps magnetically pulling at me to return, WalMart beckons. The low prices. The convenience. All the stuff I don’t need but might like to look at and maybe buy…because the prices are so low. I digress…

I got this wonderful idea to make a photo album for my mom for this Christmas. Mom is hardly ever online, and doesn’t visit my website, so I think I can safely publish this before Christmas without risk of her discovering the surprise. . . if I even complete the surprise album.

I also picked out a really neat photo frame that has little circles for each month of the baby’s first year. Which means I needed small pictures to put in the little circles. And, I chose about 200 of Zoey’s best pictures for the beautiful album I bought. Some of the pictures I ordered from CVS, but I noticed that their printing looked a little smoky and decided to order from my old friend…WalMart.

I ordered 9 wallet size prints, 118 standard 4×6 prints, and one 5×7. When I went to pick up my pictures, I noticed right away that the 5×7 wasn’t there, since it would have to be in a different sized envelope. The photo clerk printed out the 5×7  for me from my order on his screen while I waited.  It didn’t occur to me that the envelope I was given only held about 50 prints in it, and I had paid online for over 100. I looked at the prints. The color was bold, but there is a STREAKING across the fronts of all the pictures. In the store, I really just wanted to buy my things and get out. The pictures I looked at weren’t too bad with the streaking, although I mentioned it to the photo clerk and he just replied with, “Yeaahhh…” He was a nice guy, but since I didn’t act angry and crazy, I didn’t get any service. That seems to be the way WalMart works. If you want any service at all, you must go ALL the way with your angry-crazy act. If you are just a little disappointed, they are willing to accept that. If you are CRAZY ANGRY, they start to take notice. A little.

So, here I sit at my computer desk…looking through pictures of newborn baby Zoey with strong streaks across her face because the rollers in the machine need to be cleaned or replaced. Only 3 of the 9 wallets I paid for were included in my envelope, so my “Baby’s First Year” picture frame only has pictures for 4 of the slots. And those pictures, even small, are streaky. I was only given 53 standard 4×6 prints, and I have no idea which ones are missing, but half of them are. How could I stupidly think that WalMart would get my photo order right this time? I paid for 118 prints and got half my order! And they are all horribly streaked!

Here’s the real kicker…because I hate the WalMart near my home so much, I actually drove to the next town to use THEIR WalMart, thinking it would be better. What a huge mistake. Ugh. And these streaky pictures are just awful. This is far below “average” quality printing and dipping into the “unacceptable” area.

How many times must I go through this and keep going back for more? Am I really that daft to return yet again to try to resolve the situation? It’s starting to feel a bit hopeless and not worth the effort. Kodak.com, here I come.

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