I Hate WalMart

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I still remember the feelings of excitement when I found out that we, the citizens of Willow Grove, PA, would soon have a WalMart. And not just a regular WalMart, but a SUPER WalMart. That means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we would be able to shop for stuff.

I was like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. I remember calling my mom and telling her the awesome news…


If I had known then what kind of a place WalMart would turn out to be, I wouldn’t have been so excited, but blinded by the promise of a dependable and familiar shopping experience, I was naïve to the truths of the mega-retailer and the kind of service that would be offered. At the time, a friend even tried to tell me about the evils of the WalMart corporate super giant, and how they destroy local family businesses and don’t fairly pay the people who make their products. I was too hyped to listen to the voice of reason, citing this as a killjoy opinion, and continuing in my joyous anticipation for the arrival of WalMart.


I even changed the lyrics of “Downtown” to “WalMart”, and frequently sang it as an anthem to express my happiness that WalMart was coming.


Fast forward to 2010. WalMart has been our faithfully low-priced (though not always fresh, courteous, or high in quality) food and housewares store for about 3 years. By this time, we’ve had our share of excessively rude cashiers (and I add excessivelybecause cashiers in our area are often rude), items that have not rung up as marked, paint mixing staff that made us wait an hour for their arrival and were not well trained, night stockers that make shopping past 9pm a dangerous and unfriendly event, running out of turkeys the day before Thanksgiving, running out of bottled water often, and the ever-declining quality of the clothing brands combined with rapidly increasing prices for such.


But,but, but…the low prices. All of the fireworks that I felt for the new WalMart had faded from my memory by 2010, and I was left with feelings of disappointment. However, I was still attached to their low prices. And I knew where everything was in the store. I had become accustomed to shopping there, like in My Fair Lady when Henry Higgins sings “I’ve grown accustomed to her face…” He’s just used to seeing her every day, and for that reason, he is willing to put up with her crap.


For me, WalMart had become the good-for-nothing “jerk” boyfriend that I just couldn’t seem to disconnect myself from. I knew the service was crappy. I knew the products weren’t top notch across the board, but they were “good enough”, and the PRICES seemed to make it all worthwhile.

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