Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter

About Sara

Sara Tiemogo is a singer/songwriter living in the Philadephia area. Born in Terre Haute, Indiana she grew up in a small rural area nearby. She studied Voice, Piano, Clarinet, Guitar and Violin at Indiana State University, and later graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Music Education.

Sara began writing her first songs in high school, about romance, heartbreak, and the everyday challenges of the American teenage girl.

In 2005, Sara was collaborating with Tara White, a friend from West Chester University in the band “Sara & Tara”. They sang pop-duet style music similar to Aly and AJ. After the performance aspects failed to launch, the two parted ways and Sara began performing her compositions live with musician-friend Terrance Gaines. The two performed together under the band name “Allegro Star” from 2007 – 2010. Terrance played drums, bass, and provided backup vocals and Sara primarily played keyboard and sang.

In 2010, Sara Tiemogo began recording her first solo album that would be called “Red”.

Musical Influences

Growing up in the midwest (West Terre Haute, IN) country music was the most popular genre to listen to at the time. Dixie Chicks and Dolly Parton were some of my favorites. I learned to play the violin in the school orchestra, but it wasn’t until high school when I discovered “fiddle” playing. At that time, I bought one of Charlie Daniels CDs and played it until most of the songs skipped. Oddly, my own music seems nothing at all like these early influences. I later fell in love with female artists like Nerina Pallot, Amy Lee (formerly of Evanescence), Joss Stone and the young jazz singer Adele. The genre of music I write and play follows the structure and form of pop music, but I prefer to focus on what a song says and what it makes you feel while I’m writing it, rather than whether or not it falls into a specific genre.

About the Music

I write music about my life experiences. Relationships are the most motivating for song material and the lyrics that I write come from the different emotions that are felt during a relationship, including the excitement of a first kiss, the sadness of a broken heart, and the strength that comes from moving on and healing. For me, the overall sound is retro-pop. The backup vocals recorded for the album are reminiscent of the vocal trio groups of the 1950’s, while the beats have a hint of modern R&B.

Performing, recording, and listening to music is about sharing stories and feelings. Sometimes words alone just won’t suffice.

 Twelve tracks of Sara’s favorite original songs fully mixed, mastered and produced by Grammy-Nominated producer James Cravero. Terrance Gaines adds his upbeat R&B and Pop-inspired percussion to the heartfelt lyrics and piano riffs.

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