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10:40                                     Bb                    4/4

A Better Place                          B                      4/4                   faster

Apple Tree                               Bb                    4/4                   faster

At The Top Of My List F                      4/4                   faster

Babbling Again             D                     4/4

Bad Boys                                 Bm/D               4/4                   faster                3:14

Bad Hair Day                           Cm                   4/4

Beating Heart                           F/Dm               4/4                   faster                2:49

Beautiful Girl                             Em                   4/4                   Slow                4:00

Beethoven, Play Me… Am                   4/4                   slow

Believe in You

Big Boy, Grow Up                   Dm                   4/4                   midtempo         2:10

Broken Again                           E                      4/4                   Slow                4:09

Broken Up Inside                     E                      4/4

Catching Stars                          B

Cinnamon Gum             Bm                   4/4                   faster

Daddy                                      D                     4/4

Darkest Night                           F#m/C             ¾                     Slow

Daydream                                C                     4/4

Deep                                        Dm                   4/4                   midtempo

Democracy                               A

Don’t Come Back                    Dm                   4/4                   faster                3:29

Don’t Play Our Song                Am                   4/4                   midtempo         3:12

Drive                                        Gm                   4/4                   faster                3:00

Elizabeth                                   C                     4/4                   slow                 3:28

Eyes Wide                                Dm                   4/4                   faster                3:04

Façade, The                             C                     4/4                   midtempo         2:17

Falling Into Love                       Dm                   4/4

Feelings                                    Bb                    4/4                   slow

First Love                                 C/Am               ¾                     Slow                3:00

For You                                   G/Bb                4/4                   midtempo         3:30

Forgiveness                              Ab                   4/4                   Slow                5:00

Goodbye (could last forever)    D                     4/4

Goodbye Baby             Bm                   4/4                   faster                3:17

Green Eyes                               Dm                   6/8 ?                slower

Green                                       Em                   4/4

He’s A Jerk                              C                     4/4                   faster                2:50

Heart String                              Bb                    4/4                   faster

Heartbreaker                            Dm

Hey Hey Hey                           Cm                   4/4

Hit my Heart                             Gm

Hold on To Me                        F                      4/4

Hold on to your Dreams           D                     4/4

Hold You Tonight(firstlove)       C

I Can Hear the Country            A/D?

I Cannot Say No                      Bm                   6/8                   Slow                3:36

I Do                                         Am/C               6/8                   midtempo         3:35

I Don’t Even knowYour NameD/G                   4/4                   faster

I Don’t Understand                   Bb

I Feel Crappy                           Cm                   4/4

I Have No Regrets                   G                     4/4

I Just Wanna Know/Why          Cm/Eb             4/4                   midtempo

I Love Your Smile                    D                     4/4                   midtempo         2:27

I Think It’s Love                       D                     4/4                   midtempo

I Will Always Love You           D

I Won’t Worry (this Xmas)       C                     4/4

I’ll Say I Love You                   C

I’ll Use it in a Song                   C

I’m Gonna Call in Today           C                     4/4                   midtempo         2:45

I’m Not Sorry                          E                      4/4                   faster

I’m Right and You’re Wrong    D                     4/4                   fast

Idrissa                                      Em

If I’d Never Met You               C#                   4/4                   midtempo         2:10

It’s Not Easy To Be Me           G                     4/4

Just A Dream                           F#m                 6/8

Keep Walking Away                Dm                   4/4                   faster                1:50

Lie to Me                                 B

Like A Puzzle                           C

Listen                                       Em

Love At First Sight                   B                      4/4

Love is Like a Fire                    Bb                    4/4

Love is Simple              F

Loving you Makes me Crazy    C

Lucky Love                              F                      4/4                   faster

Maybe You Lied                      C                     4/4                   midtempo         3:30

Memories                                 B

Monday Morning                      Cm                   4/4                   faster

My Turn                                   Cm                   4/4                   faster                2:53

Nashville                                  G

No x 2                                     G

Not Afraid to be Alone D                     4/4                   midtempo         3:30

Not Alone                                F                      4/4                   Slow

Nothing At All              A                     4/4

On To You                               Dm                   4/4                   midtempo         3:20

Ordinary Girl                            G                     4/4                   midtempo

Rainsong                                  Eb

Red                                          Em                   4/4

Riding Fly                                 E                      4/4                   faster                2:30

Road Trip                                 Ab

Rose Petals                              G                     4/4

Run Away                                Fm/Bbm           4/4                   faster                2:22

Run Out of Tears to Cry           F                      4/4

Single and Searching                 D

So Deep                                   Dm                   4/4                   midtempo         2:41

So Totally Just Over You          D                     4/4                   midtempo         2:06

Something in Your Soul            Bbm                 9/8                   Slow                4:38

Stop Drop and Roll                  Cm                   4/4                   faster                1:44

Superwoman                            E                      4/4

The Best of your Man               D                     4/4

The Memory                            modal               4/4                   Slow

The One                                   F#                    4/4

The Phantom                            Em                   6/8 or 4/4         midtempo         4:00

Through You                            Cm                   4/4                   midtempo         3:20

Tomorrow                                C

Tonight and Tomorrow Ab                   2/4                   Slow

Too Late For Goodbyes           E                      4/4                   Slow

Trouble with Capital T  Dm

What Happened to Us              C

What if I Said I Love you          C                     4/4

When I Loved You                   G                     4/4

When You Hold Me                 Em

With You                                 A

Yellow Brick Road                   Ab                   4/4

You Know I Do                       C                     4/4

You Know I Love you  Dm                   4/4                   faster

You Never Said Goodbye        Bb

You’ll Be OK                           G                     4/4

You’re not Alone                      F


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