Pregnant Musician

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Right now, I’m about 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  I’m so excited to meet my little girl – to see what she looks like, get to know her personality, and to watch her grow.

It’s been an exciting pregnancy, for sure. I can’t say that it’s all been easy. It was difficult to put the CD and music stuff on “hold” for now, but necessary. First, the hormones of pregnancy make singing really difficult. Even when I am having a “good” singing day, I still don’t sound like myself, making recording or performing nearly impossible. Also, it doesn’t make much sense to schedule live performances when I can’t lift my own music gear to haul it, and might feel “vomit-y” on my scheduled performance day. :P

I am hoping to resume with the music after I have little Zoey, and looking forward to being “mom”. :)