The Naming and Renaming of Songs

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After doing my weekly research of the Top 40 Chart for this week, I started thinking about song-naming. Most of the songs on the top 40 were fairly easy to find in YouTube. You just type the song name and sometimes the first part of the artist’s name and Voila, the song is there in YouTube’s drop-down list of the most searched phrases. This was true for most of the songs for this week’s Top 40…except Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”, which has the same title as a very popular Billy Joel song. When I first saw it on the list, I even thought it might be a remake of the popular song – but no, it is a very different song. A likable one.

At first, I was under the impression that an artist should try to find a unique song name so that when people search for it they can easily find it. But what about all of those other people that will just “bump into” your song because they are searching for the other song? That’s something to think about. Maybe they will click on your YouTube link because they think it will be a cover version of their favorite song…and find that it is YOUR song…and maybe they will LOVE your song! Maybe. Or maybe they will be disappointed that it wasn’t what they thought it was and close the browser, giving you 1 extra “play” on your counter, but not bringing you any closer to the sale of a CD.

It’s a tough decision to make…does it HELP or HURT a song to have the same title as a much more famous song by a much more famous artist?

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