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Since May of 2010, I have been giving live music performances in the virtual world of Second Life as the avatar “SaraMarie Philly”. I haven’t made this widely known to my “real life” audience, because Second Life is as controversial (or perhaps more so) as chat rooms and other seedy social sites. As well as having a booming live music scene, they also have a lot of things I’m not so interested in.  It’s like a chat room on steroids. Nonetheless, there are wonderful opportunities for live performers to give shows via their shoutcast radio streams from the comfort of their own home offices. (Or discomfort, if like me your office does not have air conditioning in the hottest days of summer.)

I first found Second Life in 2006 when a sociology professor at WCU made it an assignment to try out this virtual world and write a report on our findings. I was intrigued by SL at that time, and also enjoyed homework that involved playing video games. I was “in and out” of the game off and on after that, depending how busy I was with my real life obligations, and it wasn’t until sometime in 2009 that I discovered a live music concert in Second Life.

I’m not going to lie. When I heard this live performer, I was not at all impressed. He used live autotune, sang poorly written originals, poorly chosen covers, claimed he was playing instruments “live” when it was obvious to a trained ear that his tracks were quantized and mixed, and he had a HUGE following of fans. His music didn’t even sound all that engaging, entertaining or good to me. The singing was karaoke bar level at best. I looked around at all the people that were there to hear this musician, and was in shock at his great success given the mediocrity of his music. I know, that sounds mean. I’m mean. But, I’m honest. I didn’t decide in that moment that I would share my music with SL, but at that time I became aware of the existence of the live music scene there. I went on to hear MANY more live musicians in SL, some of them impressive, some not. But what I saw most often was that the audience in SL was more willing to accept “developing” musicians along with legitimately talented ones.

In May, I began playing live music in SL, and found out shortly after that I was pregnant. I continued to perform at various venues until I felt that I wasn’t able to sing as well as before ( a mixture of hormones and lack of sleep ) and I took a few months off from SL and teaching in RL to prepare for the birth of my little angel, and to enjoy my time with her when she came into my life. I returned to performing in April, and decided in July to add my experiences in SL performing to my website. Enjoy. ;)

ALL TIMES ARE IN SL (GMT) TIMEZONE (behind EST by 3 hours)

If you are unable to attend in-world, you can still enjoy the live music performance by visiting the following online radio stream page and clicking “Listen”: 


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